A History of Komet

Komet USA is one of the best available sites from where dental experts can browse through the largest selection of the world’s best dental rotary instruments. With their 90 years of experience in innovative dental rotary equipment, Komet USA has come up as the most comprehensive site to shop for all your dental rotary requirements. Decades of experience in the industry of dental rotary instruments has allowed Komet USA to offer unparalleled value and quality to dental clinics all over the United States. They are driven by an urge to maintain and nurture a high level of quality which is their distinguishing mark. No matter if you are trying to find endodontic rotary instruments, polishing instruments or diamond and carbide burs, you can be sure to find all of them at www.kometusa.com. No one understands your job as well as Komet and their range of rotary instruments have been specially created for giving you the smoothest dental procedure.

Komet USA has tied up with the leading dental experts, educators and industry leaders to come up with the best models of rotary equipment. By combining tradition with the latest innovations in the practice of dentistry they have been able to elevate the science of dentistry to an entirely new level. They stress on time proven business values which would lead to total satisfaction of the customers. Their guiding principle is to provide top notch products which would not only help the dental experts but ultimately help to improve the dental health of people all over the country. The vision of Komet USA is to come up as the world’s leading dental innovators by quickly responding to the changes within dentistry.

Komet USA had been established in 2007 with the objective of quickly responding to the various requirements of dental surgeons and dental lab technicians. They have been striving to effectively take care of the various challenges faced by dental experts in their day to day patient care. Originally started as a famous family styled business, Komet USA has now become a truly global enterprise catering to the various requirements of dentists from all over the country. They have distinguished themselves from their competitors by managing their myriad operations with a small town approach while making sure to conduct their own research and development. Thus Komet USA have established themselves as an independent organization in the truest sense of the word. All the products of Komet USA are backed by real scientific researches and painstaking R and D and proven by the strictest testing protocols.

The guiding principle of Komet USA is the right combination of tradition and innovation. The quality of their products is unparalleled which is one of the important factors which have helped them to come up as one of the leading manufacturers in the industry of rotary dental instruments. Their team of leading professionals are fully dedicated to help you find the perfect instruments to improve your practice. They would work alongside you to provide you with customized solutions for your regular and specialty instrument requirements.