How to Choose Quality Dental Burs

If you are here then you must be looking for the best quality dental burs. Though it is a small tool that is fixed on the end of a dental drill, but you are required to choose it wisely. As burs are available in different sizes, are made up of different materials and often bought in sets; you need to inspect that which will get fit to the specific drill and work better according to your needs. However, here we are mentioning different types of dental burs along with their features, which will help you to choose the right dental burs.

  • Alloy and steel burs

There comes different combination of alloy and steel for the burs, which have different qualities. These qualities include hardness, strength, toughness, ductility, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and more. As the combination quantity varies, these properties also vary. Here are the two common combinations.

  • Low alloy, high carbon steel

The high carbon steel contains less than 2.11%, but more than .8% carbon. It features high wear resistance and high hardness. When carbon combines with the steel, it increases it strength and hardness, but other properties like formability, weldability are decreased. The high carbon are more likely to get rusted, therefore they require more maintenance.

  • High speed steel

This steel contains a high dose of tungsten and very lower composition of other materials. The burs made from High Speed Steel maintain temper and in these, heat is generated by the work. When the heat treated carbon combines with the wear resistant carbides, it creates a good abrasion resistance and edge retention.

  • Carbide burs

If you are looking for the stronger burs, then you must go for the carbide burs. These heat and wear resistant burs are about 3 times stronger than steel burs. Carbide burs are just great for stainless steel and can be easily cleaned with propane torch. The downside of these burs is that they are brittle and thus, can chip easily as compared to other materials. However, when combined with the soft materials, they become more durable and hard-to-chip. These burs are best to use at low pressure, but high speed.

  • Diamond plated burs

When bonded to the stainless burs, diamond creates a cutting edge with durability and superior cutting. These burs are best for carving, grinding and sculpting. After being grinded with this type of burs, the material needs polishing as its surface becomes rough.

Which bur is the best?

All the burs have their own features and choosing the best bur is dependent on number of factors, like how much you are going to use it, for what purpose you will use it and whether you are looking for more edge or more durability. You may also be looking for the burs that require less maintenance. Thus, it is the matter of preference that which type of burs will work best for you. If you are finding it hard to choose the particular type, then you must get professional assistance. Contact Komet USA today for any assistance.