Brighter Career Prospects and Future for Women in Dentistry

As per the statistics of American Dental Association presented in April 2016, there are over 28% of women dentists practicing across USA. The report further reveals that the female practicing dentists are younger than their male colleagues are. There is a constant rise in the number of female students at various dental schools in America. It is also predicted that the male female dentistry practitioners’ ratio will tip in the favor of women by 2020. What is the reason behind the rising number of women pursuing professional studies in dentistry? What are the opportunities for growth? Here is an analysis of some crucial facts.

One of the most favorable aspects attracting women to this dentistry is that after the completion of course at the dental school, the certified dentists can step into independent healthcare profession. This gives the woman dentist the opportunity to pursue a career that allows them to balance work place responsibilities and their family.

The first woman dentist in the world, Lucy Hobbs Taylor attended The Ohio College of Dentistry. In 1866, she achieved professional Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. While Hobbs had to go through several hardships for getting official enrolment at the college, today the prospects for woman dentist career is much more convenient.

Women apart from aiming to gain financial freedom in a respectable profession are more inclined to help people and serve the society. They bear a more positive attitude than the male counterparts are in pursuing degree courses in dentistry to face intellectual and physical challenges.

Women Dentists are Ideal for Kids Regular Checkup

When it comes to take your kid for an oral checkup, it is worthy to consider a woman dentist if possible. They are soft spoken, patient and friendly towards children. Children especially, those who are going for regular dental checkup may be very nervous. The lady dentist attending such kids can very well manage the situation and get the child out of trauma. The caring nature of lady doctor can bestow more confidence in the child so that he can tell about his problems (if any), ask questions and walk away with complete peace of mind.

Apart from attending the child at the checkup, it is also the duty of the dentist to tell him about the dental care regime to follow every day, possible precautions to avoid complications and other tips. Children are more likely to listen to female dentist who is very friendly and tells everything in way to attract their interests. This increases the chances that the children will highly prefer to return to the same dentist next time for the regular checkup.


Today the number of women in dentistry is increasing with a great pace due to high-rise in career opportunities. Considering the track records and performances, the woman dentist career can have several flourishing opportunities. Now, that so many lady dentists have already created milestones in the medical treatment and surgeries, it is proven that there is virtually no difference between a male and a female dentist.